Server Updates

TeamSpeak address has been changed, you no longer need to include the port number.
Ref. Server Address: teamspeak.ketm.us

An updated list of all game servers will be at: www.ketm.us/servers and in the Steam Group’s profile.

Garry’s Mod server will be up later this week after I configure it and get some game type suggestions from everyone.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive server will also be up later this week running modified MLG variant game types for competitive play.
(Note captain of the CS:GO competitive team is KETM Sky, message him for inquiries on TeamSpeak, Steam, or comment below).

Last but not least, Minecraft job listing here: Looking for staff to admin this game server (pretty much replacing myself since I have no interest in maintaining it other than the resources). You must meet certain requirements (i’ll explain later if you’re interested), be able and willing to manage the server’s advertising, economy, and growth. (And preferably be 18 or older). If you know Java that’s a big plus. Any money generated from donations will go to paying for the server and a percentage will go to you and other staff members.

As always you can comment or message me (on TeamSpeak, Steam, etc). (ใ€‚^_^)ใƒŽ

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