We would like to let everyone know that we’re currently recruiting!

K.E.T.M. is a game for fun community, since we’ve grown we’ve also gotten into competitive gaming and we’re building our sponsored teams.
That being said we’re looking for skilled gamers able to compete in any trending competitive games. (Reference: http://gamebattles.majorleaguegaming.com/games)

Our current sponsored roster is listed at: http://www.ketm.us/competitive
We’re also currently building teams for the following game(s): Battlefield 4 (PC, PlayStation, Xbox), Call of Duty: Ghosts (PC, PlayStation, Xbox), Infinite Crysis (PC).


We’re also recruiting developers, designers, editors, and producers. There are many projects currently in the works that we would love to have you on board for. Here are some skill sets we’re looking for.

  • Developers: C++, Java, PHP, Python. — Working with Unity, UDK, CryENGINE SDK, XNA, PhyreEngine, PhysX. (Any programming environment experience is acceptable but not required).
  • Designers: Graphics, Animation, 3D. — Working with Adobe CS, Cinema 4D, Autodesk, Blender.
  • Editors: Audio/Video. — Working with Adobe CS, Cinema 4D, Sony Vegas. (Mostly for video game footage).
  • Producers: Music, Sound effects. — Working with FL Studio, Ableton Live. (Programs not required, referenced for collaboration).

Contacting Us

The best way to let us know you’re interested is to get involved, either comment here and/or join our Steam group and let us know there, we also have a TeamSpeak Discord server if you prefer to communicate that way. All servers are listed on our Steam group. :)

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