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Still Alive

First, I apologize for inactivity… Second, I partnered with Discord recently and I’m transitioning from TeamSpeak. You can join the server by going to: https://discord.gg/sin I plan to keep the TeamSpeak server, so use which ever is preferred. I just think Discord is extremely convenient. ˠ(◕‿◕✿)...
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Server Updates

TeamSpeak address has been changed, you no longer need to include the port number. Ref. Server Address: teamspeak.ketm.us An updated list of all game servers will be at: www.ketm.us/servers and in the Steam Group’s profile. Garry’s Mod server will be up later this week after I configure it and get some game type suggestions from everyone. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive server...
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We would like to let everyone know that we’re currently recruiting! K.E.T.M. is a game for fun community, since we’ve grown we’ve also gotten into competitive gaming and we’re building our sponsored teams. That being said we’re looking for skilled gamers able to compete in any trending competitive games. (Reference: http://gamebattles.majorleaguegaming.com/games) Our current...
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