Updates Since the Last Update

Haven’t made an update in a while… so here’s some information on what’s been going on, some updates from February, and so far for March.

Firstly, you all may or may not know K.E.T.M. is also a company, exclusively for game related business, so I put this into some parts.

Game Development

We’ve started game development recently and that has been really interesting, to say the least. The process has been taking up a lot of time and I’ve been doing the bulk of development—not just in programming, but art and sound as well. Luckily my writer has an amazing imagination that I can work with.

We’re also putting a lot of R&D into all of the games, creating something unique, imaginative, and enjoyable (debatable, since one project is far into the horror genre), in both the story and mechanics.

  • Hope to have a demo for one of the projects out soon~


Competitive Development

Most of the COD Ghost teams (on console) have been smashing on MLG ladders. But… I have yet to properly organize the other teams and some are short a player or more.
These teams include ones that are in MLG Arenas (on every platform available); Titanfall, Battlefield 4, Infinite Crysis, and COD: Black Ops II (this will exist as long as there are tournaments). The Counter-Strike Global Offensive team needs 2 more players.

Ironically i’ve been getting a ton of messages on MLG from players interested in joining the K.E.T.M. teams. I haven’t been able to individually reply to everyone, so i’m going to send out a reply to all of them soon informing them to either post on the Steam group’s forums or hop on our TeamSpeak server, this way other Admins/Ops/Mods can help too.

  • Here is a list of games we have teams for (on every available platform): COD: Ghosts, COD: Black Ops II, COD: Modern Warfare 3, Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4, Infinite Crysis, Counter-Strike Global Offensive, and Titanfall.
  • I will definitely be assigning captains to every team to keep teams organized and to keep me updated on progress.
  • I will also be dropping myself from some teams, because I cannot keep playing so many games competitively.
    It’s just hard to stay dedicated, since i’m also dedicated to playing every game in existence, and i’m working/developing in many occupations. Massive time restrictions…
  • Official K.E.T.M. jerseys are going to be made for some of the established competitive Ghost players. (After I finish the designs).


Product Development

Everyone has probably heard about Steam Machine/Box, Steam Controller, and SteamOS.
Well I had a brillant idea recently, since there are two genius system builders in K.E.T.M. (that I know of, if there are more let me know)!
Together we have experience in building gaming PCs, HTPCs, workstations, servers, even computing clusters, with many varying customizations.

  • So… we’re currently in the process of designing some “boxes”!—And we shall be applying for OEM licensing soon. 🙂

I know Steam Machines have been quite questionable, but I like the idea. I’ve been testing SteamOS, and watching the development of everything Valve does carefully.

  • We’ll also be making custom gaming PCs (which some of us going into this project already do upon request), I just thought now would be a cool time to really get into the business.
  • If anyone is interested in designing, building, or testing let us know.

Side-note: You may notice that there is no server related section.
There aren’t any updates since not much has been done, based on prioritizing project needs. If necessary the game servers can possibly be managed by the K.E.T.M. gaming community.
If you’re interested in buying game servers (while they are game related), K.E.T.M. does not sell them. However this is a specialty of my main company, which does sell all types of hosting solutions, we also specialize in security. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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