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Updates Since the Last Update II

Competitive Development There’s been a new gaming arena added to MLG, for Minecraft. More info about it here: http://gamebattles.majorleaguegaming.com/news/2316-New-Arena-Minecraft.html Added a new team to our competitive arsenal. 😉 Also recruiting, MC MLG teams go up to 16 players.   Game Development Not much to say (yet), work has been done, still a lot more...
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Updates Since the Last Update

Haven’t made an update in a while… so here’s some information on what’s been going on, some updates from February, and so far for March. Firstly, you all may or may not know K.E.T.M. is also a company, exclusively for game related business, so I put this into some parts. Game Development We’ve...
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Server Updates

TeamSpeak address has been changed, you no longer need to include the port number. Ref. Server Address: teamspeak.ketm.us An updated list of all game servers will be at: www.ketm.us/servers and in the Steam Group’s profile. Garry’s Mod server will be up later this week after I configure it and get some game type suggestions from everyone. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive server...
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Crowdsourced Hardcore Tactical Shooter

For years, fans of tactical shooters have been crying out for someone to make a quality, hardcore, CQB tactical shooter. But in contrast to these requests, game publishers eschew realism and tactics in exchange for ease of use and “cinematic” flavor. This campaign aims to see if my theory that real tactical shooters...
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